Customized for your
unique operations.
Our cold-store and
deep-freeze cells.

Hardly any topic has taken on as much importance in recent years as the refrigeration and storage of goods. Every user and every product has special cooling requirements. Special regulations also often apply and their observance is strictly controlled. That’s one more reason why the design of every cold-store cell has to be flexibly customized for every user.

As a partner to the refrigeration trade, ROMA offers extensive support for your construction project. You can be sure that all requirements will be considered during planning and that your individual requirements are carried out. This means available space will be used optimally, making maximum storage capacity available for your needs.

A key long-term advantage will be time savings achieved on a daily basis. ROMA will manufacture your cold-store or deep-freeze cell as a customized product and will take into account everything which makes your day-to-day work easier. We focus on low energy and maintenance costs. Every cold-store cell is assembled by trained specialist personnel. They safeguard your investment because we implement your exact specifications.

Brauerei Barfuesser
Quin Akademie
Krach butcher's shop,
Retail cold-store cells including stainless steel doors
Café Lebenshilfe
Shell gas station
Walk-in cooler with shelving system and glass retrieval doors
Stone Brewing
Pflanzen Spengler
Union Maraichére,

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