Perfect protection,
lower costs.
Our customized applications.

Atmosphere provides protection. Safeguard the quality of your products with constant temperatures, protect your investment in machines by keeping humidity constant, minimize costs by keeping external conditions the same, protect your employees and your environment from noise, heat and exhaust through special insulation – at any time of the year and time of day. No matter what or whom you want to protect, ROMA offers you a custom design allowing you to surround your application with a protective atmosphere.

Customized construction solution examples:

  • Cleaning chambers
  • Machine enclosures
  • Mobile refrigerated containers
  • Proofing tunnels and proofing interrupters
  • Shock freezing units

We would be pleased to develop a solution for your specific requirements.

Cleaning chamber without ceiling for the food industry. The surface of the double hinged door in non-standard size and the boards are carried out with stainless steel.
Luzern CH
20ft-Container as mobile solution for cooling and refrigeration. Compact steel frame for easy handling by crane or forklift
Beck + Heun GmbH
Schlossbrauerei Unterbaar

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